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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality Stainless Steel & Bundy Tubing to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Steel, Stainless Steel and Bundy Tubing

Steel, Stainless Steel and Bundy Tubing


Steel and Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless steels are highly resistant to corrosive attack and to oxidation at high temperatures. in general, resistance to corrosion and oxidation increases progressively, though not proportionately, with the increase in chromium content. They are chosen for cleanliness and low maintenance costs, and to maintain the purity of materials which come In contact with stainless. The inherent characteristics of stainless steel permits the design of thin wall piping systems without fear of early failure due to corrosion.

Stainless Steel Manufacturing Standards

Stainless steel tubing is manufactured to ASTM A269 316L (standard specification for seamless & welded austenitic stainless steel tubing for general service).
Grade ASTM A269 316L stainless steel tube is a general service commercial specification with good corrosion resistance and suitability for use in low to high temperature service environments in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, for example.

The internal diameter of a pipe is a critical dimension, also known as nominal bore (NB). The pipe wall thickness can also play a significant role, as it affects the pipe’s strength and the kind of technology that can be applied to that pipework. Wall thickness is expressed in “schedules”, refered to as pipe schedules. Please see the attached table – calculating wall thickness.doc

Some examples of the Steel and Stainless Steel tubing we can offer:

Steel and Stainless Steel Tube.doc Steel and Stainless Steel Tube continued.doc

STAINLESS STEEL spec, round, hexagon etc.pdf


Bundy Tubing

Bundy tubing is not copper but a type of thin walled, steel tubing. It is produced from continuous copper-coated steel strip in the cold rolled, soft annealed condition formed into a fully overlapped, resistance brazed, tube. The final tube has a copper coating on its internal and external surface to a depth of 5 – 50um. To give extra protection the finished tube may be coated externally with zinc or terne.

Bundy Tube EN 10255 Steel Tube.doc

Steel Tubing, Stainless Steel Tubing & Bundy Tubing

Round Bar, Hexagon, Flat, Sheet & Plate