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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality Silicone Hose Fittings to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Silicone Hose & Fittings

Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings in the UK

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Silicone Hoses and Fittings


At Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) Ltd we supply various types of hydraulic hose in the UK as well as fittings etc. We also supply silicone hose and silicone fittings. Some examples of these can be seen on this site, however, if you dont see what you are looking for, give us a call.


Silicone hoses operate at a much higher temperature and pressure than other rubbers, they don’t perish, and they look great. If it’s automotive, marine or an industrial piece of equipment and requires silicon hoses then give us a call. Our hoses are suitable for cooling systems, charge air systems, induction systems and negative/ positive pressure signal lines. With its’ temperature range stability, flexibility, longevity, thermal, and electrical insulation properties, silicon polymers are a modern miracle of engineering material science.


Here are just some of the products we can supply:




Silicone elbows
45º, 90º & 180º elbows with 6″ (152mm) legs; available in blue, red or black.


Straight Silicone Reducers
4″ (100mm) long; available in blue, red or black.


Straight Silicone Radiator hose
Available in blue, red and black in lengths from one to four metres


Silicone hoses and fittings for the Marine industry.


This is a new Silicone Marine Diesel Wet Exhaust Hose Range and conforms to ISO 13363 and SAE J2006 R1. They can be built to order as required.


Temperature range from -60ºC to +180ºC.


Straight and 135º, 90º and 45º elbows from 6mm (1/4″) to 508mm (20″) I.D.


Straight joints up to 508mm (20″) I.D. available with 2 or 3 corrugations.


Tubing 3 ply to 6 ply construction according to diameter. Straight lengths up to 4 metres according to bore size.