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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality Standard & Non-Standard Screws to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Screws Non Standard and Standard

Screws Standard and Non-Standard in the UK


Non standard screws finishes

Standard and Non Standard Screws

Supplying standard screws and manufacturing non standard screws. Providing a range that begins at M1.4 up to M64 (and imperial equivalents) and lengths as long as 700mm.

Accreditation to BS ISO 9001 ensures quality products meeting worldwide standards.

Standard Screws

Supplying ISO 9001 accredited manufacurers such as Umbrako and Holokrome.

Socket cap head, countersunk, socket shoulder screw, square head set screws, socket button head, socket set screws, socket flange button, hexagon wrenches, taper pressure plugs.

Non Standard Screws

Parts can be manufactured in a variety of alloys as well as brass, alluminium, titanium.

Finishing surface treatments – zinc, geomet, dacromet, delta, galvanised an xylan – corrosive resistant.

Threadlocking – including Tuflok, Patlok, Anulok, Eslok, Wedgelok.

Heat treatment is performed to ensure total control to the highest standard from raw material to finished product.

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