Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment Supply | PVC & Nylon Tubing Supplier - UK
At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality PVC & Nylon Tubing to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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PVC and Nylon Tubing

Suppliers of Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings in the UK

PVC Tubing and Nylon Tubing

Reinforced PVC Hoses and unreinforced PVC tube can be used for general industrial air and water. Nylon Tubing can be used for oil lines, petrol tank breather pipes, greasing sheaths, pneumatic controls, bleed lines, brake controls and lubrication lines

Our range of tubing includes clear braided PVC tube manufactured to BS 6066 and flexible nylon tubing available in a selection of colours: black, blue, green, yellow, red and natural in 30 metre and 100 metre coils manufactured to BS 5409 part 1 and suitable for use in food-processing environments.

We are also able to provide non-standard, longer lengths eg 150mtr coil/length.

Click on links to download some examples of PVC tubing that we can supply.

PVC Tube.doc

Reinforced Braided PVC Tubing.doc
Reinforced Braided PVC Tube continued.doc

PVC Pipe

Polyvinyl Chloride Unplasticized has excellent chemical resistance and a broadband temperature pressure range. The operating temperature range of PVC pipe is 0ºC to 60ºC.

Nylon Tubing is manufactured to BS5409/1/2 tolerances, therefore it has good mechanical strength, is light weight and has a good chemical and vibration resistance. It is suitable for transporting most pneumatic, oils, chemicals, liquids and has many uses in engineering and pharmaceutical industries for pneumatic equipment, fuel pipes and lubrication.

Flexible and semi rigid grades are available as well as a low toxic version for food / beverage and medical industries.

Flexible nylon tubing has a high mechanical strength. Suitable for push-in, compression and barbed fittings. Very low moisture absorption and has a mirror smooth finish.

Examples of:

Nylon Tubing Imperial.doc
Nylon Tubing Metric.doc


Silicone Tube

Comes in General Purpose and Peristaltic Grade

General Purpose – exeptionally biocompatible. It contains no toxic or leachable plasticisers, uasable temps -51 to +238 deg C.

Peristaltic Grade – flexible, long life, translucent material with good chemical and environmental resistance. Very good electrical resistance characteristics. Usable temps -51 to 238 deg C.

Peristaltic Grade PVC

Designed for peristaltic pumps. Specially formulated to withstand constant compression from peristaltic pumps. Good clarity, small bore.

Clear Unreinforced Flexible PVC Tubing

Clear, flexible food quality unreinforced PVC hose for use as sight glass tube, sleeving for low pressure delivery of air and fluids. Also available in colours and tints. Good abrasion and corrosion resistance, reistant to dilute acids nad alkalis, temp range -15 deg C to +60 deg C. Smooth bore, seamless for good flow rates. Low toxic, food quality, cadmium free.`