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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality Industrial Compression Springs to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Industrial Springs

Industrial Springs and Spring Products

Industrial springs  varied springs flat springs

At Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) Ltd we supply all types of springs and spring products, for many different applications, in Glasgow and all over the UK . We are able to supply our customers with springs which are made to measure specifically for their requirements.

Compression, Tension and Torsion Springs

Industrial springs can be formed out of several alloys as well as stainless steel. We supply compression, tension and torsion springs.

Some examples of what we offer:

  • flat springs
  • roung wire
  • clocktype springs – spiral and closed
  • disc springs – according to DIN 2092 & 2093
  • special springs – used for electronic parts, rocker switches, seals etc.
  • springs made specially for our customers

A compression spring is an open coil helical spring that provides resistance when a load is applied against it. The load causes the coil to collapse at a specified rate of pounds per inch. Most compression springs are single diameter eg round wire springs

A torsion spring is usually a closed coil helical spring with ends formed to provide torque when load is exerted on the ends. A properly designed torsion spring will reduce in coil diameter when loading. Coil springs are resilient metal shafts that are wound into a spiral that may be compressed or extended without permanent deformation. Leaf springs are long, flat, thin springs consisting of several layers of metal springs that are bracketed together. Leaf springs are manufactured from various composite materials and will deflect by bending when forced.

Important dimensions for specialty springs include inner diameter, outer diameter, wire diameter, and spring length and application.

Clips, Pins and Washers

  • Circlips, retaining pins and push on fixers.
  • R-pins
  • roll pins
  • retaining pins
  • tool clips and special clips – for industries such as lighting, electronic, engineering, oil and domestic
  • waved washers
  • bowed washers
  • Belleville spring washers

Spring washers are disks of metal that are formed in an irregular shape so that when the washer is loaded it deflects, acts like a spring, and provides a preload between two surfaces. Spring washer types include adjustable spacers, Belleville washers, bowed or curved washers, conical washers, finger washers, and wave washers.
Important size specifications to consider when searching for spring washers include inside diameter, outside diameter, thickness or working height, and rated or working load. The thickness or working height refers to either the thickness of the washer material, or the working height (installed height) for the product.

Common materials of construction for spring washers include spring steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloy, and copper base alloy or bronze.

Industrial pins are cylindrical fasteners that are used to locate, align and join components. They are made out of aluminium, brass, titanium, wood and plastic. Products made from hardened steel, unhardened steel, and stainless steel are also available. There are several basic types of industrial pins. Categories include dowel pins, spring pins, cotter pins and wire clips, hitch pins and lynch pins, locating and fixture pins, and specialty products. Industrial pins include several types of spring pins, cotter pins and wire clips.

Made to Measure….

Remember we are able to have springs made to suit your measurements and application. So no matter what your needs are, give us a call and we shall be pleased to help.

Telephone 01555 772474