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Industrial Hose

Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings

Industrial Hose


mixed industrial jpeg


We supply Industrial hoses manufactured in various materials and designed specially to handle oil, petroleum, acids and chemicals, also hoses for food products, gas, air and fume extraction. Special high pressure hoses for water blasting and all makes off cold/hot/steam pressure cleaners. For more information on pressure washer hose, please see separate page on this web site.


Silicone Hose


Silicone hoses operate at a much higher temperature and pressure than other rubbers, they don’t perish, and they look great. If it’s automotive, marine or an industrial piece of equipment and requires silicon hoses then give us a call. Also see below Automotive Hoses pdfs


Silicone Marine Diesel Wet Exhaust Hose Range.pdf


Suction Delivery Hose


For the conveyance of water, sludge, chemicals and other waste matter. Can be oil reistant for discharge of block fuel oils, hydraulic oils, lubrication oils and greases etc. Control and clean up for all types of materials.


Acid and Chemical Hose


Multi purpose chemical hose with helix wire, abrasion and ozone resistant. For suction and delivery of acids and chemical product, fuels and solvents.


Please see attached document for examples of acid and chemical hose


Acid and Chemical Hose examples.pdf

Chemical Hose 16 bar Green Suction and Delivery.pdf


Rubber Hose


Large variety of rubber hose types for steam, water, air, chemical/oil and food.


See attached document for examples of rubber hose


Rubber Hose examples.pdf


Gas Hose


For conveying gas under pressure to supply a gas cutting, welding or heating torch. Propane (orange), acetylene/fuel (red) and oxygen (blue).


Gas Hose Premium Orange LPG 20 Bar.pdf

Gas Hose Premium Rubber Red Acetylene 20 bar.pdf

Gas Hose Premium Rubber Blue Oxygen.pdf


Steam Hose


Used in chemical plants, refineries an all industrial applications.


Please see attached document for examples of steam hose


Steam Hose example.pdf

Steam Hose 7 bar Vapour Dairy Steam Hose.pdf

Steam Hose 7 bar Black Steam 170 deg C.pdf

Steam Hose 7 bar White Non Marking 170 deg C.pdf

Steam Hose 17 bar Red Wire Braided Steam 236 deg C.pdf


Hot Air Suction Delivery Hose


Designed for conveying hot air from compressors to tanks during transfer of dry bulky materials.


Please see attached document for examples of air suction hose


Air Hose Samples.pdf


Air Hose


premium rubber 20 bar air ISO2398-4a.pdf

Premium Rubber 20 Bar Air Yellow.pdf

Air Hose Black Yello Stripe.pdf

Air Hose Antistatic 20 Bar.pdf

Air Hose 20 Bar Wrapped Cover Black.pdf

Air Hose 20 Bar Wrapped Cover Yellow.pdf

Air Hose Green Cover Non-Conductive.pdf

Breathing Air Hose Codan 8516.pdf


Oil Hose


Oil Hose Suction Delivery 10 bar.pdf

Oil Hose Delivery 10 bar.pdf

16 Bar Oil Suction and Delivery.pdf

Oil Hose 25 Multi Purpose Antistatic.pdf

Oil Hose Oil Delivery SAE100R6 Textile Braided.pdf

Oil Hose Diesel Delivery Nitrile Alloy.pdf

Oil Hose Premium Diesel Delivery Nitrile Alloy.pdf

Oil Hoses Tanker Reeling Hose.pdf


Water Hoses


Water Hose 10 bar Delivery.pdf

Water Hose 10 Bar Suction and Delivery.pdf


PVC Hoses


PVC Hose Green Garden Hose.pdf

PVC Hose Green Tint Water Suction Delivery Light Duty.pdf

PVC Hose Green Medium Delivery Suction Delivery.pdf

PVC Hose Grey Heavy Duty Suction and Delivery.pdf

PVC Hose Blue Oil Suction and Delivery.pdf

PVC Hose Non Toxic Steel Spiral.pdf

PVC Hose Non Toxic Delivery Clear with White Spiral.pdf

PVC Hose Premium PVC Nitril Sanitation.pdf

PVC Hose Blue Layflat.pdf

PVC Hose Contractors Hose.pdf

PVC Hose Clear Braided.pdf

PVC Hose Clear PVC Tube.pdf

PVC Hose Extraflex Yellow Reinforced Water.pdf

Tricoflex PVC Water Hose.pdf

PVC Hose Fluted Water.pdf

PVC Hose Tyana.pdf


Ducting Hoses


Ducting Superflex Smooth Bore PVC Ducting.pdf

Ducting Vakflex Ducting.pdf

Ducting Smooth Bore Polyurethane Super Flexible Ducting.pdf

Ducting Pureflex Ducting.pdf

Ducting Glassflex Ducting.pdf

Neoprene Ducting.pdf

Silicone Ducting.pdf

Ducting Wyreflex Ducting.pdf


Automotive Hoses


Automotive Hose Car Heater Hose.pdf

Automotive Hose Radiator.pdf

Automotive Hose Grecato Radiator Super Flexible.pdf

RONYFLEX CODAN 4219 Ultraflexible Hose.pdf

Automotive Hose Petrol Hose.pdf

Automotive Hose Cotton Overbraided Fuel.pdf

Automotive Hose Power Steering Hose.pdf

Performance Silicone Hose.pdf

Fluorosilicone Autosport Oil.pdf


Non Toxic Hoses


Non Toxic Food Hose Brewers Delivery.pdf

Non Toxic Food Hose Brewers Suction Delivery.pdf

Non Toxic Food Hose Milk Vegetable Oil Suction and Delivery.pdf


Marine Hoses


Marine Hose Marine Diesel Exhaust Lloyds Approved.pdf

Marine Hose Marine Fuel ISO7840 A1.pdf

Marine Hose Marine Fuel ISO7840 A2.pdf

Marine Hose Marine Nautilus Exhaust Rina Approved SAEJ1527.pdf


Sanitation Hoses


PVC Hose Premium PVC Nitrile Sanitation.pdf

Tiger Tail Hose.pdf

Premium Rubber Sanitation Hose.pdf


Material Handling Hoses


Bulk Material Suction Delivery.pdf

Material Handling Hose Animal Feed with Cuffed Ends.pdf

Material Handling Hose Sandblast Hose 12 bar.pdf

Material Handling Hose Superflex Hot Air Blower Hose with Cuffed Ends.pdf

Twin Airline Hose – Pilot.pdf


Fire Fighting Hoses


Fire Reel Hose.pdf

Layflat Fire Fighting Hose.pdf

Layflat Fire Hose Ribblelite Plain.pdf

Layflat Fire Hose Ribblelite.pdf


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For Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings please contact our office on 01555 772474; sales @uscltd.co.uk or via this web site on our contact page.