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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality quick release couplings and repairs to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings

Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings in the UK

Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings


Quick release couplings are suitable for use whenever fluid transfer or hydraulic hoses need to be connected and disconnected quickly and reliably time after time.


ISOA Steel A quick release coupling




Double shut off. Temp range -40 deg C to +100 deg C. Manufactured in accordance to the regulations and dimensions of the standard ISO-7241-1 A and SMS3275 for agriculture and machinery. With the patented pressure eliminator it is possible to establish connections with built up back pressure up to 200 bar.


ISOA Steel quick release hydraulic plug




ISOA 16028 Interchange flat faced quick release coupling.




Designed to meet or exceed requirements of ISO 16028. Flush face and dry break design facilitates easy cleaning prior to connection. Manufactured from high strength steel construction, heavy duty zinc yellow plating for exceptional corrosion resistance.


ISOA Interchange Flat faced quick release hydraulic plug




Parker ISOA interchange female thread bspp quick release hydraulic plugTemperature range: -40 deg C up to +100 deg C
Manufactured in accordance to regulations and dimensions of the standard ISO -7241-1 A & SMS3275 for agricultural machinery. With patented pressure eliminator it is possible to establish connections with build up back pressure up to 200 bar. TE-1A5021 has pressure eliminator.


Left bottom:Parker ISOA interchange plug


A guide to seal material selection for quick release couplings
Nitrile (NBR)
Nitrile is a synthetic rubber offering improved chemical resistance and temperature capabilities to neoprene. The material offers good resistance to oils and solvents, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, petroleum oils and gasoline’s, animal fats and lacquer solvents. It offers poor resistance to strong oxidising agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones and esters.
Temperature range -50 to 120 Deg C (-60 to 250 Deg F)


Butyl (IIR)


Butyl, otherwise known as isobutylene or isopena, is an elastomer offering excellent resistance to wear, tear and general abrasions as well as good ozone, heat, steam and gas permeation resistance, suitable for mild acid and alkali service esters, butyl offers little resistance to commercial oils and fuels.
Temperature range -40 to 150 Deg C (-40 to 300 Deg F)




Viton (fluorinated hydrocarbon) offers excellent resistance to acid, altphatic hydrocarbons, oils, gasoline and many corrosive industrial applications. The materials offer excellent resistance to temperature, weathering and gas permeability. It is not suitable for use against amines, esters, ketones, steam or low temperature service.
Temperature range -20 to 200 Deg C (-4 to 392 Deg F)




EPDM offers good resistance to ozone, heat, steam, strong acid and alkalis. It is not suitable for use in oils, solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Temperature range -50 to 150 Deg C (-60 to 300 Deg F)


For some more examples please select the following Quick Release Hydraulic Couplings.doc


Remember: These are just a very small percentage of the quick release couplings which we can supply.


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