Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment Supply | Hose
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Hydraulic Hose and Hydraulic Hose Assemblies


Wire Braid and Multi spiral reinforced hydraulic hose and assemblies made specifically for our customers. We also supply coils of loose hose in any required length. Long length coils now in stock (300M – 1 Length)




Industrial Hose


Industrial and Process Hoses in various materials designed specially to handle oil, petroleum, acids and chemicals, also hoses for food products, gas, air and fume extraction. Special high pressure hoses for water blasting and all makes off cold/hot/steam pressure cleaners, silicone marine exhaust hose and assemblies, thermoplastic hose and more.




Stainless Steel Hose and Assemblies


Flexible hoses designed to convey – aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids and steam. Or simply normal or every day fluids in hostile environments.



Silicone Hose


Silicone hose operates at a high temperature and pressure than other rubbers and doesn’t perish.