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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality Heat Exchangers & Oil Coolers to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers

Industrial Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers

Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) Ltd

We supply heat exchangers for industrial and commercial applications, reliable heat exchangers for land based duties including hydraulic oil systems, waste heat recovery applications, oil coolers for mining equipment, marine and other areas where quality and reliability is paramount. Radiators new and refurbished.

Oil Coolers & Heat Exchangers

In order to optimise the performance of your system the oil temperature that must be controlled. As the temperature of the oil rises, its viscosity drops and the oil will lose its lubricating properties. This can affect seals and ‘O’ rings and can ultimately damage the whole system. At best the oil will have to be changed frequently at considerable cost.

There are three main types of heat exchangers, as defined by their construction or body types: plate, air-cooled, and shell and tube

Plate heat exchangers are often used on low-viscous applications with moderate demands on pressures and operating temperatures, typically below 150ÂșC.

Air-cooled heat exchangers have an integral electric motor or fluid-powered fan for cooling or heat removal of media.

Shell and tube heat exchangers are used in applications where there are significant high-temperature and pressure demands. Tubular heat exchangers are also used when fluids contain particles that block the channels of plate heat exchangers. There are several types of shell and tube heat exchangers including U-tube, straight, and spiral.


Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Suitable for heat transfer fluids, lubricants and quenching oils.

Air Blown Oil Coolers

An air blast oil cooler can be fitted with a hydraulic motor for heavy duty applications with a high cooling requirement.

Oil Radiators

Currently used in industry all over the world, these high performance lightweight oil radiators have been developed over the years for cooling fluid compatible with aluminium.

Marine Oil Coolers

Heat exchange water cooled manifolds, charge air coolers and oil coolers for use on marine engines

Engine and Transmission Oil Coolers

Suitable for torque converter, automatic transmission and engine oils.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Useful in bad water environments caused by pollution or from chemicals used to counter it.

Used in:

– Cranes
– Harvesters
– Graders
– Rollers
– Contractors machines
– Wet brakes
– Rail-borne machines
– Picking machinery
– Earth-drilling machines
– Concrete Pumps
– Mining equipment
– Bulk loaders
– Fork-lift trucks
– Rock drills
– Geological investigation machinery
– Ditch excavators – Forestry machinery
– Forwarders
– Asphalt spreaders
– Street-cleaning machines
– Snow slingers
– Cable laying machines
– Garbage collection trucks
– Ready-mix concrete trucks
– Agricultural machinery
– Compressors
– Motor oil cooling
– Power generating units
– Scrapping machinery


  • Automotive radiators – for small cars to large road quarry machines, Motorcyle radiators
  • Industrial radiators
  • Light and Heavy Commercial radiators
  • Plant & Off Highway radiators

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