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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality hydraulic gear pumps and repairs to clients across the UK at competitive prices
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Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps




Supply and Repair

At Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) Ltd we supply and repair hydraulic pumps throughout the UK. We have been offering this service to our customers for many years allowing us to provide a service which is prompt and affordable. We supply & repair all makes & models including old and obsolete units.

Gear pumps are positive displacement rotary pumps used to transport high pressure and high volume flows. They function through the use of two or more internal gears that create vacuum pressure, propelling the fluid media. Typically a rotating assembly includes a driving gear and a driven gear. As each tooth of the gear makes contact, the load moves to the next tooth and fluid moves with each contact. Internal gear pumps or “gear within a gear” pumps may have their smaller gear turning in the same direction as the larger gear, creating suction to move the pumped fluid media. At various points during the process of turning, the gears create a seal between the inlet and outlet sides of the rotation assembly chamber or body.


Gear pumps provide a comparably continuous, non-pulsating flow in relation to diaphragm pumps or peristaltic pumps. For this reason, gear pumps may be preferred in a number of applications from laboratory to petrochemical and marine applications, and processes involving hydraulic presses and dry pit steam power.

Gear pumps are reliable when using media with heavier viscosities, however, build up or interference within the internal mechanisms may cause the gears to rotate more slowly. The addition of a pressure relief valve to the system may help to alleviate some of this slow down, and provide a longer life cycle as well.


Hydraulic Pump Repair Centre

We specialise in urgent breakdowns. We can normally repair a pump within two to five days, this is normally done on a case by case basis. We would be pleased to look at your requirements and quote accordingly.

Telephone – 01555 772474

Email sales@uscltd.co.uk