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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality Copper Pipes & Tubes to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Copper Pipe and Tube

Copper Pipe and Tubing Supplier, UK



Copper Pipe and Tubing

Copper has a proven performance and provides a cost effective solution to many pipework requirements on the basis of its inherent properties.
These include:
– High strength and ductility
– Excellent corrosion resistance
– Compatibility with a wide range of fluids
– High thermal and electricity conductivity
– Excellent fabrication and joining properties

We can supply a wide and comprehensive range of copper pipe and tube. The tubing is of high quality and sold at competitive prices. The copper tubing conforms to the latest industry specifications.
Copper tube is available in soft annealed coils, level wound, and half hard condition in straight lengths. Sizes range from 1/8″ OD – 1″ OD and 4mm – 28mm.


Copper Tube Specifications and Uses

The copper tube can be supplied sheathed with PVC in a full selection of colours and is compliant with European EN 12735, EN 1057 R250 or American Society of Testing Materials ASTM B280 specifications. European Standard EN 12735 copper tube has good bending properties for usage in utility supplies such as plumbing installations, gas transport networks, air conditioning systems and refrigerant piping.
BS EN 1057 – R250 copper tube is easy to bend and is suited to both HWS and cold water pipe work.
Manufactured to ASTM B280 (specification for seamless copper tube for air conditioning and refrigeration field service).
Qualified for use in propane gas systems (pipeline safety regulations – NFPA 58 / 49 CFR Part 192) and industrial LPG piping applications.


Soft Copper Tube and Half Hard Copper Tube

Please see the following attachments for examples of Half Hard Copper Tubing and Soft Copper Tubing

Half Hard Copper Tubing.doc

Soft Coper Tube.doc


Round Bar, Square Bar, Tube, Flat Bar, Sheet & Plate

Please see the following attachment for specifications on the above:

Copper specifications.pdf