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At USC Universal Supplies Ltd we provide high quality centrifugal pumps and repairs to clients across the UK at competitive prices.
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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps


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Supply and Repair

At Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) Ltd we supply and repair piston pumps throughout the UK. We have been offering this service to our customers for many years allowing us to provide a service which is prompt and affordable. We supply & repair all makes & models including old and obsolete units.

Centrifugal pumps consist of a set of rotating vanes, enclosed within a housing or casing, used to impart energy to a fluid through centrifugal force. The pump has two main parts: a rotating element which includes an impeller and a shaft, and a stationary element made up of a casing (volute or solid), stuffing box, and bearings. Centrifugal pumps operate using kinetic energy to move fluid utilizing an impeller and a circular pump casing.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are used in many industries. Some of their most common applications/media transferred include: general purpose fluids, pure water, sludge and sewage, slurry, high viscosity fluids, power generation, the paper industry, the petroleum industry, chemicals and corrosives, gravel and solid materials, high temperature materials, and marine applications.

More typical applications for the centrifugal pumps are

  • Dewatering and Irrigation
  • Water and Chemical transfer
  • Dust suppression systems
  • Agricultural crop sprayers

Certain pumps are also suitable for acids and corrosive chemicals. Maximum flow rates up to 1180 LPM, max pressures up to 12 BAR, input speeds fro 540 – 6000 RPM.

Pump Configurations

  • Hydraulic motor driven
  • Petrol and diesel engine driven
  • Gearbox and electric motor driven
  • Pedestal and flange mounted

Available in various materials of construction to suit each product that requires pumping, including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Plastic, Cast Iron, Duplex, they can be controlled via pressure switches or pressure transducers. Standard products and  specialised products are available to suit all liquids and industries. With standard motors or to exact specification including ATEX. (EEXN – EEXE-EEXD)

We supply all brands of pumps to match specific duty requirements such as;

  • Apex
  • Azcue Pumps
  • Binda
  • Bombas Trief
  • Boyser
  • Calpeda
  • CAT Pumps
  • Debem
  • Dresser
  • Ebara
  • ESPA
  • Etatron
  • Flux
  • GemmeCotti
  • Grundfos
  • HCP
  • Ingersoll
  • Japy
  • Liverani
  • Lowara
  • Nova Rotors
  • Pedrollo
  • Raasm
  • Savino Barbera
  • Sero
  • Simpson
  • Standart Pompa
  • Tsurumi
  • TT
  • Worthington
  • Yildiz Pompa

Hydraulic Pumps and Repairs

We specialise in urgent breakdowns. We can normally repair a pump within two to five days, this is normally done on a case by case basis. We would be pleased to look at your requirements and quote accordingly.

Telephone – 01555 772474

Email sales@uscltd.co.uk